Well, Hi.

Propel-ed is all about pushing the boundaries as people and organisations embark upon their journey of self discovery.

We motivate people and organisations to crave satisfaction in their learning and growth, leading them to bigger and better things. We empower them to explore their limits and see just how far they can propel themselves ahead.

Our courses provide the tools to give you the ultimate freedom of choice, whichever path you choose to travel.

We are specialists in helping you get to where you want to be.

We help you choose the path to propel you ahead through:

  • A Balanced Life: ensuring our teaching helps you balance your work time with continuous learning.
  • Entrepreneurial zeitgeist: empowering you to make and create your own pathway rather than always relying on established paths.
  • Connected and on-the-go: building learning that is bite-size and flexible.
  • Shift in the employment relationship: seeing organisations as laboratories for exploring ideas and direction.
  • Personalised planning: helping organisations and their people understand what is important to them and plan their learning journey accordingly.